About Me

Hi, I’m Janna Joyner from partofthepack.blog

I am the proud owner of three German Shepherds, one German Shepherd & American Pit Bull Terrier mix, and have the support of a loving partner and amazing friends here in Raleigh, NC.

I studied Biology at Peace College (now known as William Peace University) in the heart of Carolina and spent years working in the clinical research world, specifically in cardiovascular devices, and volunteering for two local rescue groups.

Since childhood, I have loved learning about animals. You can ask any family member how many times they had to watch either Animal Planet or the Discover Channel, and they will likely laugh. That love for animals quickly became a passion after graduation, when I began volunteering with Cause for Paws of NC (CFP) and German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions (GSRA.) I slowly began to accumulate an extensive knowledge of dog behavior, fostering, training, nutrition, and rescue, which is what prompted the formation of this blog community. I hope to share that knowledge, but to also learn more from others in the dog world. Currently, I function as an Intake Coordinator for CFP and GSRA and serve as a general member on the German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions non-profit board.

From left to right: Susie, Zeus, Aslan, and Bane

The Mission of Part of the Pack

This is a dog lifestyle blog that exists to educate and inspire dog enthusiasts to walk confidently as knowledgeable dog owners, and to know that they are part of a larger community of fellow dog lovers, owners, and advocates.

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